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Quotes & Accolades

Our summer trip to Acadia is but a joyful memory, yet every day Ulla’s “Jordon Pond Bridge” brings us back – Jordon Stream gurgling over the rocks, a cooling breeze across Jordon Pond, the majesty of the Bubbles, the rhythmic crunch of hooves on Mr. Rockefeller’s road – I am there whenever I look at the painting.  I connected with this painting the moment I laid eyes on it.  We are so honored and proud to have it hang in our home; no doubt it is only the cornerstone piece of our Ulla collection.
–Bill & Renée Wormell
Northwood, NH

Ulla's Story

Here's a little bit about me.  I was born  during an air-raid  while Denmark was under German occupation.  My father was a hobby artist, I remember at 5 or 6 yrs standing by his side while he painted an  oil  on  canvas of my uncle's farmhouse.  I also remember learning some of the colors he used, Umber, and Burnt Sienna,  those names were more fascinating than just yellow, green or brown.  My favorite painting was of a woods road disappearing into the forest,  I always wanted to go where it went.  Forty years later the carriage roads of Acadia awakened the same yearning in my soul. This time I wanted to capture that on which my eyes were feasting, - winding, disappearing, beckoning paths. I wish I could have tagged along as John D. Rockefeller Jr. hiked  the  hills of Mt. Desert and planned his roads, bridges and vistas for the enjoyment of future generations, my generation, and my grandchildren's. Anyone who walks, hikes  or rides the roads and paths of Acadia comes away with a sense of peace and serenity.  I hope that my paintings will bring that  same sense to every home on whose wall  these images are hung.

Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park is unique right from the inception of the idea in the minds of George B. Door, Charles Elliot, and John D. Rockefeller Jr., the primary minds behind the idea.  It was truly a gift to this nation, initially because all the land was donated by private individuals, and secondly as John D. Rockefeller, out of his own funds, built and maintained the 57 miles of carriage roads and magnificent bridges which span waterways and crossroads.

Acadia is laced with hiking and biking trails, studded with mountains, and home to a menagerie of wildlife. It ranks among the most popular national parks in the country. It is an extraordinary corner of the country for outdoor lovers of every stripe.

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